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Thank you for helping maintain access to treatments!

Changes are currently being proposed to Bill 15 to restrict access to drugs not approved by INESSS when you are hospitalized. This new law would restrict the freedom of the attending physician to choose the best treatment for their patients.

We are concerned by these changes, mainly for two reasons:

  1. These changes could have serious consequences for patients with a rare disease. As medications and treatments are often experimental in nature, they are not always approved by the INESSS and could be more difficult to obtain;
  2. Any change in the law aiming to limit access to medication, however small the impact may seem, opens the door to future restrictions, which could have consequences for a considerable number of patients, starting with those who receive the most expensive treatments, i.e. treatments for rare diseases.

For these reasons, we believe it is essential to stop this bill in order to preserve access to medication and the freedom of the treating physician.

Help us convince our MNAs and the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, not to touch these laws and deprive us of our treatments.

Together, we can make it happen!

Opposition Leader André Fortin is in our corner.

Let’s help him convince the Minister to act.

We want to hear from you!!

We hope you will join our advocacy efforts by using the tools on this website. Please reach out to the Canadian Association of PNH Patients (PNHCA) with any questions about our work, to share your PNH stories, or to learn more about our advocacy campaign.

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